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It gives you the Blockchain Superpower so now you can reach a new level of sex dating experience! Check out benefits for every involved party.

Made for Everyone

We pose as sex dating service by mutual sympathy and sex-related communications mainly, which are legal in most countries' jurisdictions.

Searching for a partner has never been that straight and easy. Service is simple to use, and needs absolutely no installation.

It is not about sex workers only.. this service is a platform for all sexually active people.

sexService have a consistent roadmap.
Check what we are working on exactly.

Secured and Encrypted

We’re hard on developing with maximum safety and convenience in mind.

Thanks to a Blockchain-level encryption Nobody has real access to your Private Data...
Even the developers.

You decide to play Overtly or Anonymous.

And due to an Two-step transaction Scheme you face a whole new level of Confidence and Service.

So you could meet up, have fun and stay safe!

Key Service Features:

Colossal: Sex is a 200 Billion USD yearly market.

Anonymity: No emails or other IDs required. Decentralisation, Blockchain-proven Reputation System & Feedbacks.

Increased Safety: Two-step digital transactions dramatically Reduce Risks of Frauds and Violence against users.

Fast-growing Community: Most SSIO tokens are to be distributed among public and contributors. Bounties for Women signups and Activity!

2017 Q1

  • Feb: Researching and forging conceptions
  • Mar: First test-nodes deployment and concord

2017 Q2

  • May: Service public announcement on
  • Jun: Pre-ICO and bounties campaign started

2017 Q3

  • Jul: Live nodes infrastructure deployment and testing
  • Aug: SSIO Web Wallet Alpha release 
  • Aug: Transferring tokens to Pre-ICO investors and contributors
  • Sep: First ICO ($1.7 per SSIO token)

2017 Q4

  • Oct: Company Scaling, Enhancing infrastructure
  • Nov: SSIO Dating Web Application Alpha
  • Nov: Full Node software packet distribution 
  • Dec: Second ICO ($5.3 per SSIO token)

2018 Q1

  • Jan: Company and Infrastructure Scaling, Marketing Promotions
  • Feb: SSIO Dating Web Application Beta
  • Mar: Third ICO ($10 per SSIO token)


2018 Q2

  • Apr: Injection of SSIO token on coin markets
  • May: Wider marketing and media promotions
  • Jun: SSIO Dating Web Application release


2018 Q3—Q4

  • Active worldwide markets expansion, making more and more users joining the service.


It’s all about working hard on making World a better place — with a new kind of fresh and smart experiences, even in such a delicate thing as court services and overall sex-related communications. All this became possible thanks to a groundbreaking technologies which took their place in past several years in our information society.

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