After we told about our ICO experience only a week have passed, but the team has already something to add.

If you have started an interesting project, investors won’t be the only one to be around. Today we’ll tell you about spam, frauds, threats, attempts to hack, and even ransom requests.

Threats and ransom requests

You got to know, that collaboration and service offers are not the only way people use to get money from ICO teams. There is a place for threats also 😉

Here is the email we got a few days earlier:

If they send such emails, it is obvious that some teams accept to pay their ransom. Our position  is like “never negotiate with terrorists”. First, if we’ll pay, it will support these bastards and encourage them to continue with other teams. Second — there’s no guaranties that others won’t make similar threats to us. So what is the reason to pay such pack of jackals?

And our answer was this simple:

Yes, then two DDoS waves had covered our website, but we resolved the problem quickly enough. While our tech had been making improvements, the hosting provider scrubbed all the evil traffic. Actually it is quite costly to handle a DDoS attack for days period. So, if your time costs less than 2 BTC, just fuck these faggots.

Remember the golden rule: be sure to make automatic backups and check manually if everything goes well.

Attempts to hack

Everybody loves money, and if there is a way to get them fast, and even not the honest way, be sure — someone will try to do it. So every single day our website is a target to hackers.

Hopefully, even if our security if not perfect, we are working on it constantly.

For now, all of hacking attempts were fought off. We will not give any details because of security reasons. But think about the IT security in the very beginning of your project… even if there are some kind of “who will need this?” thoughts in mind.


After you start your ICO, you will be contacted by rogues.

Obviously that is a fraud email, but there were more serious tries. So be sure not to pay for any services before you are absolutely confident about their authenticity.

Spam in in your mailbox

That is really funny to get absolutely irrelevant messages. That one was the most funny.

Translate using Google: “Drug from parasites Baktefort, available currency and password about treatment”. Now we sure know what to do in case of parasites appear.. Hmmm.. We can use Baktefort when we’ll receive the next DDoS threat!

Well, we are sure it is not the full list of challenges for ICO teams. Stay tuned.

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