Referral campaign

If you are inspired with an idea, contribute! sexService is a social project, and needs your attention.
Earn real money for involving people! Instant payouts.

Payouts: 5% of all the referral users’ payments (in BTC, ETH, LTC or DOGE) + 5% SSIO tokens additionally.

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Contribute & get your Bounties!

sexService needs entrepreneurs who will contribute in the development process and marketing. That kind of help will be encouraged with SSIO tokens. Here are the estimate amounts of tokens you will get before the Second ICO (about February 2018):

  • Bitcointalk Translation and thread support: 80–300 tokens depending on your activity
  • Wallet strings translation: 40 tokens
  • Whitepaper translation: 300 tokens
  • News or media article: join Referral campaign
  • Blog post: join Referral campaign
  • Social networks activity: join Referral campaign
  • Banner on a website: join Referral campaign
  • Announcements on forums (cryptocurrencies & sex, International & local): join Referral campaign
  • Signature Campaign: join Referral campaign. Download Signature (make sure UTF-8 encoding selected).

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Strong players

If you have any relevant abilities related to industry and you’re interested in any sort of partnership… Or maybe just wanna help with the project development / share some ideas — feel free to contact us directly.

Investors pre-ICO ($0.85 per token) and First ICO ($1.7 per token) has been successfully ended. Thanks to all of our investors! We continue to work on the project, good news will come soon!

Second ICO will start in the beginning of 2018 ($5.3 per token). If you are interested to invest now with 2 BTC/ 30 ETH or more (token price depends on date), contact us.


We understand some people are tired of ICOs and don’t want to buy any tokens, but consider the sexService idea great. If you are among them, transfer some coins to these addresses to help the growth:

  • BTC — 1KKuWwSuSGFaPAdic7CWNHPYSwm2xHMarZ
  • DASH — XmMnhHAnPQ2Ltr16WD8WRTxqHwPVD1Eo39
  • ETH — 0xFE8FBa2720E4300E4A1f7624710FabE325C54807
  • LTC — LSQdeFaHnk1SxTodpEAkhhS4ht8kiMgQBF
  • EOS — 0xFE8FBa2720E4300E4A1f7624710FabE325C54807
  • XMR — 44ySpEc76JWecJYi93mmupYWT5Vm8TUtDiTmqJXkz1GqUtTqWxJqrm1g9ZJRFM31MiXBtEbBdHSgz2GBbqwbgy8XD474XFm
  • ETC — 0x904ea3b1ae1c00a7d989d44f12c641482fd55f1a
  • ZEC — t1dbpZhRhpr69RYHtZkH5YTr2SgJn5yhFag