To build blockchain system, we had to follow these requirements:

  • Fast transactions. People need to communicate without delays, so every transaction should be confirmed in less than 5 seconds (generally 1 second).
  • Multisigned two-phase fund transfer. This is essential to make services honest and get proven reputation.
  • Robust and reliable transactions with small fees. The Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) is our choice.
  • Store significant amount of data. User’s profiles includes images, also there will be lots of communications. Blockchain technology assumes every node should store the same info. Our architecture involves a solution to make it easier.
  • Fast access to profiles info and location. The bad side of the blockchain is it is not fast enough, when rebuilding all the chain. We had to make an environment for fetching actual data with no delays.
  • Lite clients. Most of users are not interested in deploying a full node, and it is more convenient for communication via smartphone. blockchain based on Full Node architecture with Lite clients attached. Full Nodes will do all the work and communicate with Lite clients. Most users will run Lite clients and get easy installation and convenience in use. Those who run Full Nodes will receive SSIO tokens for forging blocks and supporting the blockchain.

Now we have SSIO_TEST test base network using the following architecture:

Full Node architecture:

  • Node.js as computational engine fits all the requirements for transactions, allowing less than 1 second confirmations. Modern javascript allows writing secure and fast code. All you need is qualified team, than knows it toolkit. And we have it.
  • PostgreSQL + PostGIS as blockchain and profile storage. That choiсe ensures reliable storage of big data and geolocation services. Both products are opensource, reliable, have big history, and great for large amount of transaction. Geography is essential for our future clients, so we need solution that is good for using with GIS data. And PostGIS is one of them.
  • Fetch service to provide fast access to actual profiles, location, search. Something like blockchain cache. Users need low response time, lite clients and reliability. Our caching solution will give always reliable and fast data lookup.
  • Optional IPFS storage for images.
  • Everything could be built from source code. And can be run on many OSes including Linux/OSX/Windows. Our developers use all of them.
  • To make node deploying easier we will provide docker images for run & forget usecase.
  • Full nodes provide API for lite-clients to communicate with.

Lite Client architecture:

  • Lite clients find closest nodes and use their API for making transactions, or search requests
  • Lite clients written as hybrid app using html5, js and react
  • Run on Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, Desktop

All software are open source and will be available just before the ICO.