As we’re often asked questions, this FAQ is the best place to reply to most frequent ones. It will be gradually extended with new topics, so you can re-visit it for coming updates.

Frequently asked questions

What is it all about, in short?

sexService is a blockchain-based sex dating service, built for everyone — both sex services and dating by mutual sympathy.

Secured. Anonymous. Safe. Easy.

And a 200 Billion USD yearly market.

Where can I learn more on concept?

To learn more on the concept you should see the Whitepaper (translations are also available).

You can refer to our Announce page and Our vision posts.

How do differ? There are many of similar dating services.

A non-blockchain services cannot compare to due to a low level of user data security and privacy (remember Ashley Madison) and not proven user’s reputation. We also aim to reduce frauds by use of an escrow transaction system (two-step payment scheme).

Briefly — we implemented a crypto payment decentralized service, where nobody’s account or payment could be banned, because there is no central authority.

As for other blockchain-based dating services... they just do not exist yet! Eros and Lust are known as scammers. Frantic has different goals and, according to their Whitepaper, seems to be a: a) centralized service (non-blockchain) where they would try to control everything including STI testing, refunds, appointment’s cancelling and blocking users by their will;
b) oriented to sex workers and their clients only.

We’re focused on a different purpose — sex dating and sex-related communications service, with no central authority. We’ve done a huge amount of work already, so now you can try our web wallet or deploy a full node by yourself. And don’t compare us with something like Sexcoin, cause our project is not about the coins, it is a complete game changer.

Read further.

Hmmm, I wonder is this legal?

We pose as sex dating service by mutual sympathy and sex-related communications, which are allowed by most countries’ jurisdictions. SSIO may include paid intimacy services, but there will be no payments in real money. Instead we use tokens which are considered as goods in most countries, and therefore could be treated like a present or a gift.

In such a scheme a user actually just encourages other party for starting a casual communication (by making a first step in a transaction — reserving tokens), and there is no actual payment involved... there’s only a chance for committing an execution for that transaction in the course of overall communication. Actually, it’s nobody’s business that two persons were so happy to meet each other that they had sex.

Though all legal things are complicated, so you should refer to your local laws to be sure.

And what about morality and ethics?

These questions are all up to you. We believe everybody has freedom to choose if this service fits the one’s ideology. This World is simple, so we are. is for sexually active people, for both men and women, gay and straight, etc. Everybody will find their pair. If you believe this platform can be an instrument for malefactor, you should keep in mind that a murder could be done by a kitchen knife and a money can be used to buy weapons, drugs, etc... is just a technology, like a Bitcoin. The point is not in the technologies, but in the ones who use them. In spite of we’re working really hard to make this service as safe as possible, we really hope that you are conscious enough to use it for everyone’s good.

How this project can be fulfilled and attract much users? Why would women apply to it?

Some people say Bitcoin helps us to rise the project, but we believe that actually such services are helping Bitcoin to spread among people. It is because only few need Bitcoin, but everybody need sex and dating. That way people learn about sexService first, and then face that it is based on Bitcoin’s technologies.

Due to a blockchain, provides a whole new level of dating experience which is good enough just to give it a try. And 85% tokens of genesis block is to be fully distributed among users, women and contributors.

We’re working hard on populating the service with all kinds of sexually active people. SSIO web-application is simple to use, and needs no installation. It runs on a mobile or desktop web browsers, so anyone can comfortably use it.

The are also several advantages for sex workers: dramatically increased anonymity possibilities and user data protection, solvent auditory with no intermediaries to cut women's income. We also offer sign-up bounties for women with overall 10 000 000 SSIO allocated for them. Our aim is to reduce all kinds of violence against women with help of this service and due to integrated reputation system plus two-step transaction scheme.

Are you sure the project will succeed? Do you have a Monetization strategy?

Sex is a market of $200 Billion dollars yearly. And this does not includes sex related goods and services.

sexService has a strategy to take part of this industry by offering new tech platform, giving benefits for all of involved parties: cathouses or pimps, sex related companies, sex workers, webcam girls, sex clients, and more.

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Why not cash but some strange tokens?

There are many problems connected to cash. First, violence against women. If there is no cash, money cannot be taken back with the force. Second is thefts. You are not required to take money for meet-up. Third are legal things. If there is no money, so there are no prostitution.

We understand people need to get used to tokens, but it is the inevitable future. There are already many tools to convert tokens to cash, and some day it will be so easy and fast like using an ATM.

Meanwhile any can use the service to find a perfect match, and to pay in cash at meet-up.

Read further: Why tokens are a way better than cash.

Does the help to protect against STIs?

No, and that’s almost impossible. Even if there could be a system to verify medical analysis and documents, it would only share illusions of protection. Remember there is no way in medicine to prove absence of infection because of many different factors. Remember to use condoms and stay safe.

Who are the developers? Why is there no information about the team?

Not everybody will encourage the idea for sure, so we don’t want to become public people.

Are you Ethereum-based, like others?

No, we are not another-ethereum-token project, we are fully independent from Ether.

What is the maximum tokens amount? PoW or PoS? Give me the technical details.

Glad you’ve asked, please refer to our SSIO token specification.

Where can I discuss this project?

It is much better to discuss with your friends... But here is our Bitcointalk thread for example.

When does the ICO start? How can I participate?
Why are you willing to raise the money?

This is a relatively huge and long-term project, so it can’t be done just in a few days. We’re hiring designers, developers and other specialists but most of the income is aimed to do the marketing, so we could involve much people to the service.

Your investments will cover the upcoming future developments, marketing and advertisement expenses:

  • According to our Roadmap — we will release the first version of Sex Dating Web application till the end of this year. So more developers are going to join the project soon.
  • Huge amounts of financial resources are needed for doing marketing and advertising campaigns all over the World. As we told earlier, people have to get familiar with this new technology and tokens concepts.
  • Global markets research and deep immersion in the sex industry, as well as all legal aspects, are also very important parts of the upcoming success for sexService project.


See also Initial SSIO tokens distribution (ICO) and funds usage page.

Why would I invest in Can you guarantee you’ll make the project to it's release? Are there any risks?

Though we are committed to make real, you should deal with all risks as you would in any other startup. Even if SSIO team is powerful to manage technical sides of the project, the service must be adopted by much users. So, in that way advertising and marketing are the essential parts. The risks are decreasing with more users participate the ICOs and join the service.

To reduce risks, consider the fact so much work was done already… including Clarifying our vision, Live nodes infrastructure expansion, Blockchain Explorer improvements, Web Wallet Application release, and Coupons Redeem mechanism exploiting. The token pre-sale shows such a huge interest in this project. So many contributors helped us to rise… And among them there are ones that are already involved in sex industries and many other powerful persons and agencies. So we did not only receive financial backup, but got strong patrons also.

So yeah, there's always some risks... But on the other side, your investment can gain a huge profit. SSIO tokens' price is able rise with no limits.

Can I get SSIO tokens for free? Any bounty program?

Yes, we believe is a social project, and the first major part of SSIO tokens will be distributed among all kind of project contributors. Join now here.

I want to learn the blockchain deeper.

You should refer to the Devs page. We constantly enhance this section, so stay tuned.