It seems like sexService is the ICO in which even the non-investors do their investments 🙂

Just look at ICO wallet transaction list, and you’ll see a lot of purchases of SSIO amounts like from 1 to 30 tokens. All this became possible thanks to the plenty of web resources that have written about sexService development this week, so we got much visitors who do not know what a crypto is, but definitely know what a sex is… and that’s just great! Because is for ordinary people, and investors do only take their chance to get high returns on investment.

It seems that many who took part in current ICO really found out about crypto through the sexService — when they went to localbitcoins and came back to buy SSIO. We even got few emails confirming that scenario. For sure they bought tokens not to speculate, but to use services when the platform will run alive. We need a community and strive to see when SSIO token price will be determined by users and but not by speculators. has developed its own system to run the ICO — a secured crypto payment processor, and now we able to exchange SSIO tokens from BTC, ETH, LTC and DOGE (more options come later). But it seems like despite all of its advantages, investors are still not very familiar with such kind of investment process.

Considering that, here is the short guide:

A little help with buying SSIO tokens

Go to the sexService ICO page. Scroll down to a payment form. Choose a crypto you want to invest, and fill the form with amount. You’ll see how much SSIO tokens you will receive right away.

If you haven’t create yourself a SSIO Wallet yet, you should Click a “Create my SSIO Wallet” link.

Save you SSIO wallet passphrase (keep in mind — this is very important step!).

Paste your passphrase from the clipboard.

Now copy your SSIO wallet address to the clipboard.

Then come back to sexService purchase form and paste your SSIO wallet address from the clipboard. Click Buy SSIO tokens button.

You’ll get a unique transfer address, which our system will check for incoming transactions. Transfer to this address the amount you filled in the form (1 BTC in this example). Onсe the blockchain will confirm your transaction, you’ll get SSIO tokens to your SSIO wallet automatically.

Note: It is not necessary to transfer exact amount of coins. For example, if you willing to invest 0.345 BTC, you can send 0.3446677 BTC or 0.34522891 BTC, our system will process your payment anyway! So, you can pay from any exchange and not taking in account the fees. And yes, you can pay from any wallet or exchange.

If you’ll later decide to make another SSIO purchase, please obtain a new transfer address thought the whole process (BTC/ETH/LTC/DOGE). But it is not necessary for you to create a new SSIO wallet address, so you can use the one you already have.

It is so great that sexService community is growing larger!


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