According to token specification, genesis block contains 50 000 000 SSIO tokens.

In fact that is a social project, the major part of SSIO tokens should be distributed among users — 85% of total amount: 55% for sale and 30% for bounties program.

  • 55% is for Pre-ICO & ICOs crowdsale (27 500 000 SSIO)
  • 20% is for women bounties program (10 000 000 SSIO)
  • 10% is for contributors bounties (5 000 000 SSIO)
  • 5% is for development team (2 500 000 SSIO)
  • 10% is a system reserve (5 000 000 SSIO)

We want this whole distribution to be absolutely transparent. So see the details below. (SSIO Token) ICOs

The ICOs intends to become an easy way for everyone to acquire SSIO tokens and the most convenient way for users who want to join the community. All cryptos received during ICOs will support future development, marketing and advertisement of and it’s blockchain architecture.

  • First ICO is planned for 1st of September 2017 for a time period of 40 days.
  • Second ICO is planned for December 2017 for a time period of 25 days.
  • Third ICO is planned for March 2018 for a time period of 25 days.

So why there will be three separate ICOs? All interested parties should see the development progress and the token value growth, so those who join the whole ICO program earlier, could get more tokens by cheaper prices. That will support project team and encourage earlier contributors. And for the present moment (before First ICO starts) all participants can reserve SSIO tokens twice cheaper, than on First ICO (at the $0.85). The precise Pre-ICO token amount gain for such contributions will be calculated dynamically based on the price rate of cryptos they’ll transfer on the date of their transaction.

For the moment we accept BTC, ETH and BCC (BCH) coins.

SSIO token prices for the future ICOs:

  • Pre-ICO: $0.85 per token, starting from now
  • First ICO: $1.7 per token, August-September
  • Second ICO: $5.3 per token, December
  • Third ICO: $10 per token, March of 2018

So take part in token distribution before the price growth.

Women bounties program

To rise up women’s interest, we offer them to create a profile now to get an early profile bounty.
All women, who create their profile before the 1st of September, will receive 20 tokens (est $200 at the time of Third ICO). This is twice more, then the usual 10 tokens bounty for all the late birds.

To eliminate cheating, profiles will receive their bounty tokens only after it’s reputation raise.

A total amount of 10 000 000 SSIO (20%) are allocated for women bounties program.

Bounties for contributors

To make community larger, we will encourage any social efforts with bounties.

The overall budget for such form of contribution is 5 000 000 SSIO (10%).

So you may want to tell about us on your blog, website, forums, social networks and more. Remember that this is a social project, and the more people will know about it — the more comfortable you’ll use it.

System reserve

10% of tokens (5 000 000 SSIO) will be deposited in reserve wallet. Though it is a rather small amount, it can help to provide system updates and to respond user demands promptly. These token can support future project development and encourage contributions also.

Coin markets

Once Third ICO finished, all of future token exchanges will be provided by coin markets. Anybody who wants to take part and use community services, would be able to buy SSIO tokens easily.

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