Moving towards to a good Whitepaper, we are gathering more useful information.

In order to understand which direction to move further, two month ago we started a small survey campaign. We decided to questionnaire girls, involved in sex industry, and girls, who are not.

The main purpose was to understand if they are familiar with internet dating and cryptocurrency. Before the girls answered the questions, they were asked to have a look at website and were given some tech explanations. Microsoft Excel was used to interpret and visualize the responses. Today we’re going to share the results with you.

Girls involved in sex industry

With the kind help of our partners, who wished to remain anonymous (from three non English speaker countries, where sex services are not legal), more than 80 women involved in sex industry took part in our small survey.

Girls not involved in sex industry

We randomly contacted women via social networks, and asked if they agree to participate in the survey anonymously. So we got us about a hundred of women who took part in the survey. Here are the calculated results.


Thanks to everyone who took part in our survey and to our partners!

Now you can make your own conclusions about the survey results. And as for sexService, it seems that the platform can be interesting for both categories of women.

Later we will try to make a public survey where any woman can take her part… and for now there are still some issues with this. If we will pay for participating, anyone could overuse it, and it is difficult to understand if a respondent appears to be a real woman (and not a man). If we would not, there will be almost no motivation to take part in. Maybe it should be done via a survey integrated right in a blockchain.

Women pre-registrations

Actually even before the future App launch more than 200 women have joined our pre-registration bounty campaign. It is a drop in the ocean, but we are sure it is a good sign.

All the registered girls are generally aged 21-33, and some do provide sex services, but there are many of them which are just looking for a partner or joining for other reasons. Locations are different all over the World, but Russia’s percent slightly stands out.

Mostly they didn’t provide photos, but some of them left image links and agreed to be published. Here are some pretty faces 😉

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