There are at least 13,828,700 sex workers in the World and money spent on sex counts more than 186 Billion US dollars yearly1. Just imagine these numbers. It is more than most of European country population, and more, than GDP of some countries. This statistic is not full, and does not include sex related services, like webcam sex or cosplays.

Prostitution Revenue by Country

The revenue estimates provided by Havocscope and comes from a wide range of sources, such as public health programs, law enforcement initiatives and other criminal justice programs, as well as media reports.

  1. China    $73 Billion
  2. Spain    $26.5 Billion
  3. Japan    $24 Billion
  4. Germany    $18 Billion (Legal Industry)
  5. United States    $14.6 Billion
  6. South Korea    $12 Billion
  7. India    $8.4 Billion
  8. Thailand    $6.4 Billion
  9. Philippines    $6 Billion
  10. Turkey    $4 Billion
  11. Switzerland    $3.5 Billion
  12. Indonesia    $2.25 Billion
  13. Taiwan    $1.84 Billion
  14. Ukraine    $1.5 Billion
  15. Bulgaria    $1.3 Billion
  16. United Kingdom    $1 Billion
  17. Netherlands    $800 Million (Legal Industry)
  18. Italy    $600 Million
  19. Cambodia    $511 Million
  20. Israel    $500 Million
  21. Ireland    $326 Million
  22. Czech Republic    $200 Million
  23. Jamaica    $58 Million
  24. Australia    $27 Million

Number of Prostitutes by Country

The number of prostitutes by country were collected by Havocscope from a wide range of public sources. Among the sources included security services estimates, reporting by public health programs, and other monitoring data from global criminal justice programs.

  1. China    5 Million
  2. India    3 Million
  3. United States    1 Million
  4. Philippines    800,000
  5. Mexico    500,000
  6. Germany    400,000
  7. Thailand    250,000
  8. Bangladesh    200,000
  9. South Korea    147,000
  10. Turkey    118,000
  11. Taiwan    100,000
  12. Cambodia    70,000
  13. Ukraine    67,500
  14. United Kingdom    58,000
  15. Vietnam    33,000
  16. United Arab Emirates    30,000
  17. France    20,000
  18. Switzerland    20,000
  19. Poland    19,000
  20. Mongolia    19,000
  21. Israel    17,500
  22. Costa Rica    15,000
  23. Netherlands    7,000
  24. New Zealand    3,500
  25. Denmark    3,200
  26. Ireland    1,000

Prostitution Prices by Country

World prostitution prices posted below and the money paid to prostitutes is quoted in U.S. Dollars. The rates and prices for sex are collected by Havocscope from various reports, such as reports by criminal justice programs and public health programs, as well as news reports on where to find prostitutes.

  • Afghanistan    $30 to $60
  • Argentina    $50 at brothel, $300 at club
  • Australia    $150 for Asian woman, $300 for Caucasian woman
  • Bangladesh    $0.60
  • Brazil – Brothel (Rio)    $60 entry fee at Centaurus
  • Brazil – Vila Mimosa, Rio    $20
  • Bulgaria    $25
  • Canada – Vancouver    $147 on Backpage (User Submitted)
  • China – Beijing    $100 to $400
  • China – Dongguan    $160
  • China – Hotel Spa    $130
  • China – Shanghai    $650 to $1,600
  • Colombia    $200 with Virgin Girl
  • Costa Rica – Brothel    $30 at Brothels (User Submitted)
  • Denmark    $150 to $200 per hour (User Submitted)
  • Dubai    $81 to $136 in studio flat
  • Egypt    $400 for Tourists
  • France – Apartment in Paris    $207 per client
  • France – Cannes    Up to $40,000 a night
  • Germany    Flat Rate of $65
  • Greece    $12 to $19 with HIV Positive Girl
  • Hong Kong    $40 in a one-room brothel to $232 in hostess bar
  • Hong Kong – 17 y/o minor    $50 to $65
  • India    $1,000 for virgin, $1 for adult
  • India – Calcutta Prostitute Earnings    $1.85 per day
  • India – Delhi    $13.50 to $16.80 for foreign women
  • India – Online    $573 for two hours
  • Indonesia – Earnings for Prostitute    $784 to $1,120 per month
  • Indonesia – Social Media    $70 on Facebook
  • Iran – Tehran    $50 to $65 for Street Prostitute
  • Iraq    $100 per session / $200 per night
  • Ireland    $45 to $129 charged by male prostitutes
  • Ireland -Limerick    $107 to $133 online, $40 to $66 street price
  • Japan    $125 for 60 minutes with a South Korean prostitute
  • Japan – Tokyo    $118 at brothels
  • Jordan    $1,000 for Filipino Woman
  • Kenya Border    $11.25 Kenyan Prostitute, $2.00 Ugandan Prostitute
  • Kurdistan    $150
  • Kuwait    $700 for 3 hours with escort (User Submitted)
  • Mali    $2
  • Mexico    $50 per hour with street walker (User Submitted)
  • Mexico – Male Prostitutes    $40 for 40 minuets
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam    $68
  • Nigerian women in Italy    $13 per transaction
  • Nigerian women in Ivory Coast    $2 per act
  • Philippines – Subic Bay    $35 at bars
  • Poland    $30 to 50 per hour
  • Scotland – Edinburgh    $48
  • Serbia    $10 to $500, average $60 (User submitted).
  • Singapore    $25,000 for 3-day tour
  • Singapore – Minor    $47 to $55
  • Singapore – Online    $111 to $119 for 90 minutes
  • South Korea – Jongmyo Park    $19 – $29 for Elder Women
  • South Korea – Southern Seoul    $117
  • Suriname    One gram of gold
  • Switzerland    Union minimum of $100
  • Syrian Women    $7 at refugee camp
  • Taiwan    $344 for South Korean Prostitute
  • Turkey    $500 for VIP service (User Submitted)
  • Ukraine    $124 to $248 for foreign language speaking prostitute
  • United Kingdom – London Male Prostitute    $229 per hour
  • United Kingdom – Street Prostitute    $20
  • United States    $50 to $100 for street prostitute
  • United States – High-End Escort in Indianapolis    $500 per hour
  • United States – High-End Escort in NYC    $10,000 a night
  • United States – Legal Brothel in Nevada    $200 to $600
  • United States – Massage Parlor    $200 to $400 for oral sex and intercourse
  • United States – Massage Parlor Worker Earnings    $8,000 to $10,000
  • United States – Minnesota    $60 for oral sex with minor found on Backpage
  • United States – Oregon (Ashland)    $200 to $500 per hour (User Submitted)
  • United States – Oregon (Portland)    $130
  • United States – Orlando    $300 to $400 per hour
  • United States – Pennsylvania Earnings    $20,00 a week
  • United States – Phoenix, AZ    $1,500 per day for lesbian escorts
  • United States – Prison Guard    $150 charged by female guards
  • United States – Santa Ana, CA    Under $100 per act
  • United States – Silicon Valley    $350 to $500 per hour
  • United States – Washington, DC    $200 an hour

Sex Market problems

This market is full of money, but the problems are bigger for now. That’s why we are working on sexService.

There are most common of sex market problems:

  • Trafficking and forcing to sex
  • Violence against women, lack of protection
  • Frauds and robberies
  • Legality status
  • Difficulties in finding a perfect match and particular services for a client
  • Lack of channels to advertise for sex companies and workers
  • STIs

The mentioned problems are the most common for sex industry.

sexService Advantages

Developed countries are trying to solve some of them by legalising prostitution, and offering social guaranties to the sex workers. In most other countries prostitution is legally prohibited, but there is no strict prosecution, understanding this is unstoppable and in general not harmful kind of services. And in some countries sex services are strictly prohibited.

sexService strive to resolve some of sex market problems, focusing on countries where prostitution has legal or around-legal status.

SSIO as a platform, based on a blockchain with application2 as user interface, will organize relationship between clients and service providers, targeting in general to reduce all of these problems less or more. So they can be divided in two groups:

Strong SSIO impact Weak SSIO impact
  • Violence against women, lack of protection
  • Frauds and robberies
  • Difficulties in finding a perfect match and particular services for a client
  • Lack of channels to advertise for sex companies and workers
  • Trafficking and forcing to sex
  • Legality status
  • STIs


Problems with weak SSIO impact more depends on involvement of governments.

The most obvious for place of the sexService plaform is providing an interface to clients and sex workers to find and connect each other, avoiding time loss and third parties. So sex workers and sex companies will receive a great way to present their services to potential clients through Communities and Broadcasting, and involving new kind of auditory. Clients will get a perfect tool to find the particular service and appropriate worker.

Indirectly sexService also will reduce violence against women, frauds and robberies eliminating cash as a payment system3. Though we understand it will take time, and anyone can use sexService to establish a contact, and to pay cash at a meet-up, but we are sure later (it may take years4) tokens will press out cash as a payment option.

See all the benefits, which sexService offers for all the involved in sex industry parties, including cathouses or pimps, sex related companies, sex workers, and sex clients.

Monetization and Digits

sexService will be profitable for its investors.

In case of slow market penetration, sexService platform can take 1% of sex market value in the first year of operation, which is about $2 Billion. This volume will go through sexSerice in SSIO tokens, and used for:

  • Payments for main services
  • Payments for goods and services of third party companies
  • Creating and supporting Communities
  • Broadcasting and advertising services
  • Transaction fees for Profiles, Images and Chats
  • Reputation system support

To realize the monetization conception, there are many options for sexService which will help to attract both clients and service providers:

  • has a big enough stock in its Bounty Wallet to help with resolving possible disputes, so every user or business is potentially able to receive an adequate compensation in case of a problem occurs.
  • For the first years team will compensate SSIO fees to make sexService easy to adopt and free.
  • Easy to join and easy to use. No emails or other IDs required. Decentralisation, Blockchain-proven Reputation System & Feedbacks. Application is simple to use, works on any mobile phone, and needs absolutely no installation.
  • Safe and Secure: Two-step digital transactions dramatically Reduce Risks of Frauds and Violence against users.
  • New auditory and possibilities for sex companies and sex workers
  • Bounties for women for joining the sexService
  • Many other small, but important benefits

Actually we have a strong plan how to get into the sex industry, and later we’ll tell more.

In five years sexService is able to get 10% or more of sex industry, or about 20 Billion in USD. Statistics shows that average payment for sex service in developed country starts from $50. Based on these digits, total capitalization of SSIO token should be at least $500 Millions, or 50,000,000 tokens by $10 each.

This was a reason to choose such a SSIO token specification.

Note that sex related services like webcam shows and selling images, sex dating by mutual sympathy5, and other are not accounted and should be added.


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  2. sexService Application
  3. Why tokens are a way better than cash
  4. sexService is a fuel for the Bitcoin
  5. sexService is not just about sex workers
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