The concept was born in February 2017, and after tons of hard background work our team has made an open announcement and invited all public to participate in Pre-ICO and Bounty campaigns.

Today we are excited to declare about the project takeoff! Actually we are pleased with such a huge interest in this project. So many contributors helped us to rise… And among them there are ones that are already involved in sex industries and many other powerful persons and agencies. So we did not only receive financial backup, but got strong patrons also.

Here are some stats for the Pre-ICO period:

  • More than 60 Pre-ICO investors contributed
  • About 75,850 SSIO tokens sold
  • About $45,000 raised
  • More than 500 people involved in sexService
  • About 35,000 SSIO tokens were distributed among the contributors

All the payouts on the Pre-ICO and Contributions can be found at the Blockchain Explorer here: and correspondingly.

The SSIO team is very grateful to all of the early investors and contributors, whose helpings kept us running!

These results considering the Pre-ICO stage are truly great, and therefore there are many reasons for a sexService to succeed. We are the first ones who made an attention on all the  possibilities opening in sex dating and the whole sex industry, describing what a great advantages lie in a Blockchain technology. Now, we’re implementing a way how these real-live interactions will be incarnated within a Blockchain.

And finally, so much work was done these weeks… including Clarifying our vision, Live nodes infrastructure expansion, Blockchain Explorer improvements, Web Wallet Application release, and Coupons Redeem mechanism exploiting.

Now we’re inviting you to take part in our first ICO. Your investments will cover the upcoming future developments, marketing and advertisement expenses:

  • According to our Roadmap — we will release the first version of Sex Dating Web application till the end of this year. So more developers are going to join the project soon.
  • Huge amounts of financial resources are needed for doing marketing and advertising campaigns all over the World. As we told earlier, people have to get familiar with this new technology and tokens concepts.
  • Global markets research and deep immersion in the sex industry, as well as all legal aspects, are also very important parts of the upcoming success for sexService project.

We do believe that blockchain-based real live communication services are the inevitable future.

Welcome, and Join the sex Revolution today!

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