The most essential thing for the to function and prosper is a reliable and clear system for transferring and converting tokens. And we were working really hard on developing an easy way to use these tokens simply and conveniently.

Today we’re ready to say — Welcome to the SSIO Web Wallet!

If you running it for the first time, you should start with creating a wallet — just press a “New wallet” button at the bottom of the login screen. Make sure you saved your Passphrase, remember that nobody can recover it in case you forget it!

Transactions are really fast. You need less than a minute to get the transaction confirmed. And they are cheap enough, just 0.05 SSIO for fee (it used to cover decentralized infrastructure).

Using the SSIO Web Wallet you are secured. Unlike many of other wallets, your passphrase is not sent to any servers, and is stored in a single browser tab only. After your close this tab, your passphrase is cleared from cache. Here are general security hints though:

  • Remember to close your wallet after you are done with it;
  • Put a good password on your mobile device with a lock timeout — that way you’ll be protected in case you forgot to close your wallet or if you’ve lost your phone.

We developed Web Wallet with thoughts of simplicity and convenience in mind, so even a housewife can use it right away. And the app works great both on desktops and mobiles!

Create SSIO Wallet now!


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