is not just about sex workers — we see this service as a platform for sexually active people. This service is for real people.

We pose as sex dating service by mutual sympathy and sex-related communications.

Much people wants new relationships but are holding with some obstacles. There are main of three: anonymity, safety, and a fear of rejection. It must be not obvious, but a blockchain makes it possible for a whole new level of dating experience.

Nobody can match a wallet/profile with a particular person. There are no emails or bank card accounts or other identity information (which have a login/password or PIN) in the person’s profile, so he can always say “that was created not by me”. The main profile photo can be not yours, and your real photos can be accessed only by those ones who you allowed to. The system is fully decentralized and secure (based on a cryptography), so you won’t get issues like Ashley Madison. Nobody has access to your profile information, even developers.

Some people are worried about to have a sex service application icon on their device. While mobile phone application can be installed on the device, it is not necessary, cause SSIO provides a web application accessed via a mobile phone or desktop browser, where all the history can be cleared after it’s usage (or just through a Private Tab).

When you make a payment, there are no need to input your personal information, you just pay from your wallet in SSIO coins directly.

Your choice of person to contact should be based upon profile information and blockchain-proofed reputation. Blockchain transactions cannot be removed or changed. All of the profile history tends to help you make a choice. Do you want more security? Meet person which have a strong reputation and long profile life.

Next, if you are dating for money, you’ll get it. Nobody can block a payment, or take the payment back. Actually you get money at the start of communication, committing the transaction when you meet other party. We recommend women commit a transaction before their services being provided.

Fear of rejection often decreases while you understand everybody have the same purpose at the service. It is much more convenient than to approach a woman at the street and say “I just wanna have sex with you”.

Both men and women have their needs, and they differs. So SSIO offers the right kind of scenario you are searching for.

Men are often looking for satisfaction, confession, significance. Some use paid sex workers, some need a mutual sympathy. Some are single, and some just want to look aside family troubles rarely. tends to be a right choice — there are so much different goals of dating, and everybody will find the fit.

Women want to be desirable for the particular type of men. They can be looking for well-off men, or just a handsome guy.

For those girls, who want get money for dating, is the best place. Every man is solvent, no more time loss with useless chats. That is because he must pay (reserve money) even before he starts a communication. You choose how much he should pay. No intermediaries and pimps, you don’t need them. Women receive all the money. is the place where you can make money not only on dating, but also webcam show, selling photos, etc.

Some women are like men in sexual questions, they are independent, and all that they need is a reliable sex partner for even rare meetups. We want they also fit their interests in the

There will be many of possible scenarios using Do you want to hold a party? Attracting people to a new club? Or just looking for a person for a company to take a trip? Yeah, SSIO is the right choice.

But we understand SSIO is not only for individuals, and want our service to offer advantages also for sex and escort providing companies.

Sure SSIO is the best platform for sex workers, but it not just about sex workers. Life is changing, life can be better!

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