Many people visiting our website are looking for dating and not technologies. They do not have a Bitcointalk account and know nothing about cryptocurrencies! And that is just wonderful! Because is not for geeks, but for real people.

Though there are yet some obstacles for understanding the difference from usual dating services because this service is based on unfamiliar approach. Blockchain… Bitcoin… ICOs…

Some people say Bitcoin helps us to rise the project, but we believe that actually such services are helping Bitcoin to spread among people. It is because only few need Bitcoin, but everybody need sex and dating. That way people learn about sexService first, and then face that it is based on Bitcoin’s technologies.

Though we do understand that is not quick and easy process. It just takes time. People are conservative in their nature, and skeptic to all new, especial to technologies. Remember how it was hard to accept Bitcoin — it was rejected not only by personals, but by governments! Remember how folks believed online dating is useless! But good thing that changes are unavoidable.

From day to day people will realize how many advantages the blockchain brings in to dating services. If not sexService will make a move, others will. sexService is a true gamechanger. We solve such problems like lack of anonymity and data security, frauds, low trust to a partner, and cash-involved issues.

And to help you better understand the new terms, we give you a brief explanation here.

Blockchain is pretty new technology which brings highest level of storing and managing information as secured and reliable as it should be. Bitcoin was the first and main implementation of blockchain that was designed as a payment instrument. Then people realized a blockchain is not only about payments, but it covers many parts of human life.

ICO (or initial coin offering), is like selling shares of a company, but those shares named as coins or tokens. Those, who buy tokens, become stakeholders, and can take part in company’s being, and share its profits. Any company in this world has no owner, it is decentralized, even developers are just the workers. The stakeholders, which are many, are the owners. ICO helps developers to get money for making a product, like Kickstarter or Patreon do.

There are three main reasons to join the sexService ICO and buy SSIO tokens — What are you getting with SSIO tokens.

To join the sexService community and become an investor, take this steps:

  1. Buy some part of Bitcoin. There many of payment options at or It is not necessary to buy integer Bitcoin, you can buy 0.076, for example.
  2. Create a new sexService wallet.
  3. At the sexService ICO page transfer Bitcoins to sexService Bitcoin address (you can do it right from localbitcoin account) and get SSIO tokens in return. — See the instructions.
  4. If it was your first experience with the cryptocurrencies (tell your story and get a small bounty!), or you still have questions and need help, feel free to contact us.

Now we hope that this scenario above will help you to understand what is. We strive to deliver new level of dating based on blockchain technology and offer you to join the sexService ICOs. To learn more about, go and read on our FAQ page.

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