We had already told about how many advantages a blockchain offers for sex services industry, and today we are going to tell you what to expect from sexService exactly.

sexService.io is a platform which includes a blockchain-based infrastructure, a user application to interact with it, and SSIO tokens as a payment system. Since users interact with the platform via the application, let’s talk about the conception from this particular point of view.

There will be several types of sexService.io users in general:

  • A cathouse, business or individual, who patronage sex workers
  • A sex worker, who provides services individually, or under someone’s management
  • A webcam or cosplay girl, provides remote services
  • A person or group, which has some sex demands. Man or woman, straight or gay, etc. Looking for some paid offers or just a casual sex dating.
  • A sex-related company or individual with an interest to enhance his (her) business —  offering something and doing advertising.

And all these types of users listed above will be connected in a new way of communication. To make it real, the sexService app is going to run the following features.

A user owns a profile, which contains all the information, like his age (18+), location, appearance, images, offers and demands. So anyone can have both offers and demands, which are classified by type, and are priced or free. Images can be public or hidden. Profile tuning is an important thing, but we will not go deep in now, though actually have a structure already.

A user can be an individual, group, or business.

Sex workers has a choice to provide services individually, and get all the income, or to join a cathouse / get protected by a pimp. Despite of all blockchain advantages, the interviews showed that it is more confident for most women to work under the patronage. But webcam girls and cosplayers are better to work individually to get all the profit.

To start working with a cathouse or a pimp, a sex worker will receive a request to join with conditions described, e.g. 35% income goes to a cathouse.

Generally using sexService app is similar to other dating services — you create a profile, and then search for offers or wait responses for your demands. Also there are some important differences.

First there’s no need for any emails, phone numbers, contacts or payment info to create a profile. Second, all offers and demands in sexService are precise and important.

And the most notable is that any action costs tokens, very small amount, but it costs. It is a blockchain-specific thing, because all the expenses on the network activity must be covered as well — all this payments are to protect the system from mass attacks.

So chats, communities, and profile updates should cost some small amount of SSIO tokens. For the first years sexService.io team will compensate such expenses to make sexService easy to adopt and free.

The way users communicate with each other is to be a bit different too. For example — if a man finds a girl which he’s interested in, to chat with her, he has to buy one of her services. And she does not receive his payment instantly, cause his tokens are kept in temporary wallet. If they’ll meet then — the transactions could be finished. This scheme of communication is made primary for sex workers, so they would not waste time on useless chats. But any user can allow free contacts, as well as agree to receive local broadcasts.

Every user in sexService has a reputation. We won’t say much about it for now, as it is a complicated internal system to provide a reliable member score. This reputation system is implemented to help people with finding each other & making right choices.

Every woman who joins the community will receive a welcome reward bounty when her reputation will rise from the ground. So this is another good reason to give our service a try.

The sexService.io app will include different real-life services (like sex, massage, etc.), as well as remote ones — webcam shows or selling erotic photos.

The main common problem for women  with most remote sex services is a very high commission rates (up to 70%) they need to pay to a platform provider (a website). SSIO app will allow them to eliminate intermediaries with no risk. As for webcam shows, they will be out of blockchain (cause there is no possibility to store videos in the blockchain for now), and sexService app will be used to interconnect clients with girls. But selling photos can be realized with a smart contracts approach.

Anyone can create a community. It is like a community in social network, but the main purpose is in making a thematic association. For example: “Broadway Cathouse”, “LGBT community”, “The Noisy Sexshop”. In this way a community holder could have an auditory to spread his news and offers with.

Communities are an essential part of sexService app. They will be maintained by local businesses — cathouses or sex shops, for example, or just enthusiasts. We’re expecting many kinds of thematic communities like Gay, Lesbian, Trans, and more… because they are usually oppressed in real life. Local companies, like bars and clubs, can use broadcasting to notify people around about the upcoming events.

The platform should enhance possibilities for businesses. Cathouses will get a new channel for clients attraction, introducing new services, and ability to generate sex welcome cards for some types of clients. Well, they’ll get a possibility to engage new sex workers also.

sexService Application will use the internal payment system in SSIO token to eliminate cash-involved problems. If still preferred, anyone can use sexService to find a perfect match, and to pay cash at a meet-up, but we are sure later (it may take years) tokens will press out cash as a payment option. So to become a sexService stakeholder and to use its services, you should buy some SSIO tokens. The best option is join the ICO now, because you will buy tokens cheaper, than your neighbour will:

Buy sexService tokens in the ICO. (If you are not familiar with crypto World, this article can help).

sexService.io has a big enough stock in it’s Bounty Wallet to help with resolving possible disputes, so every user or business is potentially able to receive an adequate compensation in case of a problem occurs.

Everyday we’re doing our best to involve more people to the sexService community all over the World.

To set off the feature list, it will include:

  • Profiles
  • Location
  • Chat
  • Communities
  • Images
  • Connecting sex workers to cathouses
  • Offers and demands search
  • Two-step communications (and payments)
  • Local broadcasting
  • Reputation system
  • Remote services (webcam, cosplay)

Well, this is a today’s vision of sexService Application. Some features will be changed and some will be added. It depends on our future researches in sex industry, opinions of sex-involved people, and your opinion also — tell us what you think.

These vision updates are also reflected in our Roadmap.

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