For most people it seems like there’s nothing better than an old-good hard cash for paying for sex services. Right? – Not really, cause all’s not quite that simple as it appears to be.

To answer this question, we’ve done a small research and spoke to a few people which are partly involved in sex industry. Their stories helped us to understand why cash is not so good actually. You see, there are much problems related to hard cash payments. And the main three are: violence against women (robberies), frauds, and legality status of such payments.

The first and the most bad thing about hard cash is that it appears to be a very major reason for violence offences. Most sex workers (as also their clients) says that they were harmed due to a robbery at least once. So this is the first thing about tokens and why they are so great… because they are digital assets. And in that case — they can’t be taken forcibly in a rapid robbery manner. You are not longer required to take any money for a meet-up!

The second cash-involved problem is frauds and thefts. The primary possibility for this kind of offences lies in the nature of hard cash and a casual deal scheme, where goods or services are traded in exchange for money from one person to another. And due to a slippery moral ethics related to prostitution, combined with it’s illegal status in most communities, of course there is no any adequate law that could protect such deals and the ones who trade sex services for money. Therefore — frauds become a rather usual thing among sex workers and their clients. All this could be easily eliminated with the right use of digital tokens as a trading assets. Thanks to great technologies implemented in these assets, a two-step (escrow kind of) deal could be executed between parties to help their exchange become more transparent, reliable and safe. So there is no better fraud-protection at this case than using tokens.

And finally, the legal aspect… At present only a few government jurisdictions do really allow “sex for money” trading. So mostly, it is a very common situation for a sex worker to be arrested by police right after they’re given cash money from their client or an undercover cops. But if there is no money involved in such a deal — there is no actual law violation and therefore it couldn’t be regarded as prostitution.

So we pose as a sex dating service with mutual sympathy and sex-related communications, which are allowed by most countries’ jurisdictions. SSIO may include paid intimacy services, but there will be no payments in real money. Instead we use tokens which are considered as goods in most countries, and therefore could be treated like a present or a gift.

In such a scheme a user actually just encourages other party for starting a casual communication (by making a first step in a transaction — reserving tokens), and there is no actual payment involved… there’s only a chance of committing for that transaction in the course of overall communication. And let’s get it clear — actually, it’s nobody’s business that two grown up persons were so happy to meet each other that they made any kind of intimacy together (even if they really had sex the same day).

We do understand that people need to get used to tokens and this is the inevitable future.

The most essential part for now is — an easy, convenient and fast tokens to cash conversion. So we’re working hard to implement it for our users right in the SSIO Wallet application. Got tokens? – You’re just two clicks away to get cash for them! And as there are already so many services helping to convert hundreds of different tokens to USDT or Bitcoins online… it seems absolutely clear that someday it will be as easy and fast as using an ordinary ATM.

Meanwhile anyone can use sexService to find a perfect match, and to pay cash (or even gold maybe) at a meet-up. If still preferred.

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